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DateCircular No.SubjectSegmentCategoryProduct
August 13,201820180813-3 Leased Line Charges ALLInformation TechnologyALL
August 10,201820180813-1 SETTLEMENT SCHEDULE FOR THE PERIOD 01.09.2018 TO 30.09.2018 ALLPost TradeALL
August 10,201820180813-2 Changes in file format ALLPost TradeALL
August 10,201820180810-1 Mock Trading on Saturday 11 August, 2018 ALLTrading OperationsALL
August 02,201820180802-1 Mock Trading on Saturday, 04 August 2018 ALLTrading OperationsALL
July 31,201820180731-1 Payment of SEBI Turnover fees for the month of July, 2018 ALLMembershipALL
July 31,201820180731-2 Clarification on payment of Quoting Incentives in LES ALLBusiness Development & MarketingALL
July 31,201820180731-4 Revised Combined Futures & Options Position Limits for Single Stock Derivatives ALLRegulatory and ComplianceALL
July 31,201820180731-3 Consolidated Circular ALLPost TradeALL
July 25,201820180725-1 Allocation of Servers for colocation facilities ALLColocationALL