Dissemination Media
For access to various INDIA INX products, following connectivity modes are available.

Leased Line Access:

Leased Line is necessary for access to real-time streaming data feeds. Considering the present data traffic and future growth in the data, a minimum of 2 MBPS connectivity is recommended. For the purpose of redundancy, it is recommended that the customer connects to primary data centre with 2 carrier diverse lines and to secondary centre with at least one line. INDIA INX will co-ordinate for providing connectivity within India. INDIA INX provides connectivity through all major network services providers within India. Alternatively customers can also use the services of Transaction Network Services International and IPC for connectivity to INDIA INX feeds.

Internet Access:

Snapshot products are made available through internet web service End of day products are disseminated through the Internet through a HTTPS download website.


India based subscribers may please write to
datafeed@indiainx.com or call
Neha Mishra: - +91-22-2272 8145 /
Mayuresh Samant: - +91-22-2272 8078
Outside India subscribers may please write to mds.frontoffice@deutsche-boerse.com or

call on the below numbers
+49-69-2 11-1 34 40 (Frankfurt)
+44-20-78 62-72 23 (London)
+1-3 12-5 44-10 00 (Chicago)