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Trading Operations
Masters - Masters Files contains all information/specifications related to products/instruments available for trading.

Contract Masters (CO file) INX_CO_20240524.ZIP
Daily Price Range (DP file)
Back office File and file format

Forms & Formats - Files and formats have been prescribed by the exchange as per regulatory norms.

Application form for BOW/BEST/ETI Ids (Activation/ De-Activation/Re-Activation) Application form for BOW/BEST/ETI Ids
Algorithmic Trading (ETI/IML) ALGO Application Form Annexure - A Annexure - B Annexure - C
Vendor Declaration Form IML ETI Vendor Declaration
Test Environment Application Access
  • Member
  • Vendor
Application for Accessing IML Test Environment Trading System Application for Accessing Test Environment Trading System

Process & Checklists - Procedures that needs to be followed as per the rules and regulations defined by exchange and regulator.

Process and Checklist for documentation requirements for Creation of User Id Process Flow for User IDs Creation