>  Membership Process
Membership Process
1 Apply for name availability new company with ROC for Setting up IFSC unit including (IFSC) word as a part of name.
2 After name availability confirmation from ROC, obtain NOC from GIFT SEZ or any co-developer for usage of GIFT address for in corporation
3 After provisional allotment of space, apply for company formation with ROC and obtain certificate of Incorporation and also apply for PAN Card allotment.
4 Issuance of letter of Approval("LOA")as per SEZ Act,2005 and Rules,2006 and submission of acceptance letter
5 Representation before unit approval committee, if no query found on scrutiny of application
6 Post formation of company an application is to be made to the concerned Development Commissioner of SEZ for unit
7 Application to be made to India INX & IFSCA for membership and approval for starting operations in IFSC
8 Execution of Bond Cum Legal undertaking in accordance to SEZ Act and Rules for availing various types of benefits available under SEZ policy