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Listing Process
India INX is your trusted partner in the listing process. Our team will be with you to guide you through the listing process.

Listing at GSM: Advantages

  • Clarity and Transparency:
    India INX's simplified debt listing rules are laid out in the debt listing framework. Our listing process offers clarity and transparency to both issuer and investor alike. Our simplicity is key to a fast track listing process.
  • Efficiency:
    India INX's allows Issuers and their listing agent to submit application from anywhere around the globe electronically. GSM will provide issuers an efficient and customer-centric admission process.
  • Robust and High Standards:
    Global Securities Market is regulated by Securities and Exchange Board of India which is a signatory to IOSCO and FATF guidelines. India INX believes in upholding high regulatory standards.

Key steps in the listing process

  • Consultation and preparation
    Issuers should start with basic pre-listing operations like selection of advisors/consultants, due diligence, preparation of draft listing particulars and other documentation as laid out in the debt listing framework.
  • In-principle application
    Submit your in-principle application via email to At the time of In-principle application the following shall be submitted:
    • Draft listing particulars;
    • Draft exchange application form; and
    • Applicable checklists.

    The exchange shall issue a "no comments" letter once in-principle application is successful. Application processing fees shall be paid at the time of submission of in-principle application.
  • Final application
    At the time of final application, submit your final listing particulars, fully completed exchange application form. Listing fees shall be paid at the time of submission of the final application. Once the final listing particulars have been submitted and listing fees received, a confirmation of listing of your security will be conveyed and your securities will be listed.
  • Continuous listing obligations
    After being listed and admitted to trading, issuers need to comply with continuous listing obligations as required from time to time. For detailed information on post-listing obligations please see the debt listing framework.

We are always there to discuss your listing needs and to offer you necessary solutions. For more queries contact us at