>   Giveup-Takeup Facility
Giveup-Takeup Facility
Give-up/Take-up facility would be available for members to transfer their obligations to other Clearing Members for settlement subject to confirmation of such trades positions by the concerned members.

The trades which have been confirmed by Clearing Members shall form part of the obligations of concerned Clearing Members and such Clearing Members shall be responsible for all obligations arising out of such trades including the payment of margins, penalties, any other levies and settlement of obligations. In case of trades which have not been confirmed by Clearing Members of the Custodial Participants, shall be considered as trades pertaining to the Trading Members entering such trades and shall form a part of the obligations of Clearing Members, who clear and settle for such Trading Members.

Auto Take-up process

Through the CP Code limit setting window in RTRMS, CP-Clearing Members can set limit for auto take-up of trades for each of their mapped CP Code. Accordingly, the system would accept trades for auto confirmation up to the set limit in respect of the activated CP Codes. On reaching the set limit of margin utilisation, the pending trades under such CP code would get transferred to manual take-up mode and trading limits/margin deposits of the Trading Member/Clearing Member (mapped with the Trading Member) would get utilised as per the existing process. CP-Clearing Members can on-line enhance the limit for such CP Code for re-activating the auto take-up function for the respective CP Code. However, enhanced limit would be applicable for trades received by RTRMS after enhancement of such limit. The trades transferred to manual confirmation mode as mentioned above would be required to be taken-up manually by the CP-Clearing Members.

The trades of CP Code in auto confirmation mode would automatically get transferred under the concerned CP-Clearing Member in RTRMS module without any manual intervention subject to the abovementioned conditions.

Manual Take-up process:

The process for manual take-up would remain unchanged except for setting CP Code Limit as explained above.

Once the confirmed trades appear under the CP-Clearing Member, all types of margins pertaining to such trades will be utilised from the collateral deposits of the concerned CP-Clearing Member on an on-line, real time basis. However, if such CP-Clearing Member confirming (taking-up) the trades do not have sufficient un-utilised collateral, then such trades will not get confirmed and margins of the Clearing Member (mapped with the Trading member) would be utilised.